Kiron & OSB - ObjectStar

Kiron has been a leading OSB (ObjectStar, Huron) consultancy for over 15 years, and our staff are highly experienced with ObjectStar on z/OS, Solaris, and Windows platforms.

Kiron offers a number of OSB applications to assist in the running and management of OSB environments.

Kiron OSB Products

Kiron's OSB products are as generic as is practical, but by their nature are dependent on the structure of the environment where they are installed. Therefore when we quote you a price, this includes consultancy time to fit the product to your specific requirements.


OSB Promotions Management

Kiron's OPM package extends the OSB promotions system to:

  • Check pre-requisites and object levels before allowing a promotion to be applied.
  • Working out the required sequence of promotion to satisfy object and promotion pre-requisites.
  • Storing user data about the promotion, for example the problem id(s), change package id, TDS segment, etc.
  • Allowing you to set an implementation date for promotions, selected by the fields of the user data (e.g." implement all promotions for problem id 132465 on 13/01/2005")
  • Automatically manage object binding issues as promotions are applied.

OPM fills in many of the gaps which have been in the OSB promotions system for many years, and allows you to manage the implementation of changes made in a multi-team, multi-location, parallel development environment with confidence and no regression issues.

For further information, please contact us.

OSB Performance Management

Kiron's KSMF package processes the SMF data produced by OSB systems on z/OS. When combined with our generic transaction performance data gathering tools you can pinpoint the transactions, jobs, and users that are impacting on your system's performance and focus your efforts where they will maximise benefits.

For further information, please contact us.

OSB Log File Management

Kiron's KOL package provides the basis for tracking system problems through the vast number of log files produced by the ObjectStar DOB, osMon, EEs, and user sessions on the Windows and Solaris platforms. In a system with a few hundred user sessions it is quite easy to create over 2,000 log files in a day.

KOL extracts key information from this mass of files, allowing you to focus on the important parts. Features include:

  • Import process, to import log data for a period (usually a day)
  • Central storage of all error messages, from all logs.
  • Ability to browse the log file where an error message was found.
  • Linking and track back from an error in one log to related logs (e.g. session to EE to osMon).

For further information, please contact us.